Monthly Recap: August 2014


August started off celebrating a Muslim holiday with Delia’s family. I was invited to their house, where they made a delicious meal filled with meat (something I rarely get). I headed into the capital to meet up with other G10 volunteers for our In-Service Conference. It was the first time we were together as a group since swearing in, so it was nice to catch up. Delia’s students made a documentary about key locations around our town. I was lucky enough to follow the students from the beginning of town to the end and witness their hilarious yet too cute, interviews.


Monthly Recap: July 2014


Excitement picked up in July! Hannah, one of my sitemates students, invited us to her house for her birthday. Her and her brother, Abraham, showed off some amazing dance skills. I took a trip into Adama, my hub city, and explored a little. We walked up to the top of the Oromia monument and had quite the run in with the Ethiopian military ūüėČ My work also threw me an amazing 4th of July part in true Ethiopian fashion with popcorn and coffee.

Monthly Recap: June


June was spent settling into work and my house. My sitemate assisted me around town to buy things I needed to make my concrete room a home. I spent most my time at work getting to know my coworkers, the health system in town, and working on my language skills.

Monthly Recap: March 2014


March consisted of getting to know my host family, beginning language lessons, and site announcement/site visit.

10 Reasons to spread some love


Peace Corps Volunteers, Delia Najera (Education Volunteer) and Allison Adams (Health Volunteer), invite you to be part of the Peace Corps experience and support the students and youth of Arsi Robe by donation of paper love, also known as books.¬†Check out the cause –¬†Books for Arsi Robe


We can give you 10 enthusiastic reasons:

10. Ethiopia’s literacy rate is currently only 40%. Donating will help increase the national reading level (one step at a time).

9. These kids actually WANT to read. They would rather sit down with a book than sit down with an Xbox (which they don’t have anyways, but I still stand by my point) and for that they should be rewarded.

8. GOOD KARMA! What goes around comes around… who doesn’t like good stuff happening?!

7.¬†The Harry Potter series has ended, which means there’s a market out there for brilliant new minds to be released. Why not inspire one to get an early start?

6. You’re not losing anything. You’re INVESTING something. Skip your $9 morning latte and send knowledge through books across the world with¬†FREE SHIPPING¬†(nothing is better than free shipping!).

5. THESE FACES! If you love me, then you are automatically obligated to love them too.

Books 2
4. “Avid reading over the course of a lifetime may reduce the rate of memory decline by 32%”… meaning sending a few books may increase your chances of your legacy living on in this world through these children’s brilliant minds (and by “may” I mean “will”).

3. Even social media loves donating books Рjoin the Books for Arsi Robe page on Facebook. 1 like = instant karma (possibly, karma is not guaranteed) or share 

2. Donating creates opportunities for Arsi Robe students and youth to expand their minds. These kids are already amazing but deserve the chance to be ever more excellent.

1. Donating is an easy 5 step process that you can do while on your lunch break, during those sleepless nights, or while pretending to work.

1. Pick some of your favorite books from the list provided under the NOTES tab near the top of our Books for Arsi Robe Facebook page or from this blogs Books for Arsi Robe page
2. Go to
3. Search the titles you want and add them to your order
4. Insert our address at checkout:

Delia Najera/Allison Adams
P.O Box # 7788
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

5. Books arrive in Robe in a few short weeks!

Thank you in advance from Delia and Allison, from our school, and from all the students here!