Monthly Recap: September 2014


September was filled with a lot of work and even more play. We celebrated Ethiopian New Years and Meskel, the finding of the true cross. These are both huge community holidays that I was lucky to spend with my family, neighbors, and students. Later in the month the students showed Delia and I around the town museum. They were so thrilled to tell us about everything but even more to touch every single item. We continued filming around town for the student’s documentary. And my youth program at the town health center swung into full force.


Monthly Recap: August 2014


August started off celebrating a Muslim holiday with Delia’s family. I was invited to their house, where they made a delicious meal filled with meat (something I rarely get). I headed into the capital to meet up with other G10 volunteers for our In-Service Conference. It was the first time we were together as a group since swearing in, so it was nice to catch up. Delia’s students made a documentary about key locations around our town. I was lucky enough to follow the students from the beginning of town to the end and witness their hilarious yet too cute, interviews.

Monthly Recap: July 2014


Excitement picked up in July! Hannah, one of my sitemates students, invited us to her house for her birthday. Her and her brother, Abraham, showed off some amazing dance skills. I took a trip into Adama, my hub city, and explored a little. We walked up to the top of the Oromia monument and had quite the run in with the Ethiopian military 😉 My work also threw me an amazing 4th of July part in true Ethiopian fashion with popcorn and coffee.

Monthly Recap: June


June was spent settling into work and my house. My sitemate assisted me around town to buy things I needed to make my concrete room a home. I spent most my time at work getting to know my coworkers, the health system in town, and working on my language skills.

Monthly Recap: March 2014


March consisted of getting to know my host family, beginning language lessons, and site announcement/site visit.