No more Ethiopia?

My time with Peace Corps has ended – which means I have left Ethiopia and returned to the states. It’s been such a bitter sweet feeling. Without Ethiopia I feel like a part of me is missing but I am so thrilled to have the comforts of home again.

I will admit, Ethiopia Catalog wasn’t the best showcasing of my writing efforts.

After much consideration I have decided to end Ethiopia Catalog and move my thoughts to a new blog:
Allison From Portland

With the freedom to write whatever my little heart desires I hope to get some honest thoughts out about Ethiopia, Peace Corps, and what my life has become since reintegrating into American culture. I promise you Allison From Portland is going to deliver some exciting, heartbreaking, and relatable content.

I want to thank each and every one of you who read Ethiopia Catalog  – whether you loved it or hated it, agreed of disagreed, or thought I was just really flaky because I couldn’t get a consistent schedule down for posting.

If you’d like to follow me to see what’s next I encourage you to subscribe

Allison From Portland



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